My name is Niki. As a student, I got into music and started playing bass. Through the years I have played in over 15 bands and projects – from rock and alternative through fusion, progressive, funk, and what not. I built my first overdrive as a student at the Technical University, while also working at the Bulgarian National Radio at the time. Since then, I have been making electronic devices, as well as repairing guitar equipment. Some of the best musicians and guitar luthiers in Bulgaria use my services. I have over 20 years of experience under my belt. Now, after having built a lot of devices for musicians and recording studios with the N-audio logo, I decided it is time to focus on doing that solely. That is how the N-audio website appeared.

What makes N-audio stomps different?
I pay the utmost attention to precision and detail in the design, schematics, components arrangement, PCB design and aesthetics. Before anything is shown on N-audio’s website for sale, it goes through a number of prototypes and long hours of testing, including by some of the most incredible musicians I am honored to use my designs with.  The N-audio products are of the highest quality, built to last a lifetime and proudly handcrafted in Bulgaria.
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