Guitar pickup phase tester

This guitar pickup phase tester is a small and very useful device for finding out how the wire function of any humbucker or single pickup. It is a great tool for luthiers, guitar repair shops or DIY enthusiasts for quick pickup phase analysis.
Usually, most companies like Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio who produce pickups have a manual showing how to connect those wires, but most stock guitar pickups or any unknown pickup are a mystery and need to be identified somehow. Four-wire humbuckers have to be figured out, and it takes a lot of time for soldering and testing. The phase of the stock guitar pickups has to be determined before changing one of the pickups for matching the pickup phase and so on. Using this tester, you can quickly test any passive or active pickup. This tester can also be used to verify that the phases of guitar effects as well if needed.

This tester is suitable for:
- Testing the pickup phase directly on the guitar without desoldering anything.
- Testing the phase of any single or humbucker pickup. Works with passive or active pickups.
- Finding open circuit pickups.
- Determine the wires of an unknown 2 or 4 wire pickup.
- Testing the phase of a guitar effects pedals.

PCB size: 48x21mm
Battery: CR2032 (not included)
Idle current consumption: under 100uA  (A single CR2032 battery should last for at least a few years)

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