EVA Studio tube mic preamp

Are you looking for a class-A tube microphone preamp, combining vintage classic sound with modern features for professional sound recording? Do you need a functional and compact 1U rack unit for your studio with which you can record or master your recordings? Do you need flexibility and rich tone of a professional tube channel strip with 100% analogue schematics and all-tube signal path? Then N-audio EVA studio tube microphone preamp is your best choice!

N-audio EVA studio tube microphone pre-amp is a state-of-the-art unit. Our Professional Series feature uncompromising design with the best components on the market and highest quality build with attention to even the smallest detail.


Full-featured microphone front end

N-audio Eva studio tube pre-amp has all the necessary features and input controls including a transformer based microphone XLR input, a -20dB pad switch, a phase reverse switch and a +48 volt phantom power for condenser microphones.

High impedance instrument input
A specially designed high impedance instrument input is added for direct recording of guitar, bass or sound modules. The signal is fed directly to the tube for classic sound performance. High Z input is also suitable for recording of clean guitars for later use with amp modelling software in your DAW. In this case, your recordings can benefit from a low noise, proper impedance matching and added nice tube color for high-quality final result.

Pure tube signal path
Classic pure tube signal path built with a minimalistic approach and minimum passive parts including an input microphone transformer, two high-quality tubes: ECC803S and ECC802S, and an output transformer. The signal path includes only two capacitors to get the best classic tube sound and as low non-harmonic distortion as possible.

High-quality tube limiter
A unique tube limiter design is integrated into Eva tube preamp. With typical tube rich tone, the limiter has a great performance in all three positions that you can choose with a dedicated button on the front panel. The limiter LED indicator next to the button shows the selected limiter threshold - off, green, yellow and red.

Passive EQ section
To get the best natural sound, Eva tube microphone preamp uses passive EQ tone control. Driven by a low impedance output and without any feedback, this EQ helps to improve your recordings and can be used for mastering without adding unwanted harmonics, distortion or noise. The additional EQ bypass switch is added. In bypass mode, the EQ is completely isolated from the signal path.

Separate gain and level controls
With separate gain and output level controls you can achieve different tones – from more transparent to more colored with typical tube glow.

Extremely low noise power supply design
A lot of attention is paid to the power supply and PCB design. For best performance, instead of passive R-C filters, N-audio EVA studio tube microphone preamp has an active high voltage (+350VDC) regulator with integrated soft start. This increases the tubes' life and decreases ripple voltage noise. For grounding of the PCB, a multiple star-ground topologies is used to reduce noise. All PCB tracks have vintage rounded edges which simulate point to point technology.

Balanced transformer isolated input and output
The best microphone preamp must have input and output transformers. They isolate galvanically the preamp from other audio devices and increase the sound quality, adding pretty sweet musically harmonics to your recordings.

EVA Studio tube mic preamp signal path


  • Size: 19" 1U rack unit 13 cm deep
  • Weight: 2.4Kg
  • Power consumption: Max 15W at 230VAC
  • Frequency response 35Hz÷33kHz +0dB ÷ -3dB with EQ OFF
  • XLR input impedance: 600 Ohm
  • 1/4" instrument input impedance: 1Megaohm
  • Output impedance: below 600 Ohm
  • Noise floor: below -100dB
  • Maximum gain: 55dB
  • Tubes: JJ ECC803S, JJ ECC802S
  • Mains: Internal pre-selected 230/240VAC or 110/115VAC
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty

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