Two amps to cabinet

N-audio Two amps to cabinet is a flexible set of two or three devices. The MONO set includes one relay unit and one footcontoller to control two amps. The STEREO set, includes two relay units and one footcontroller. The unit set works with any type of amplifier including tube amplifiers, solid state amplifiers and bridged mono (floating outputs) amplifiers like Kemper amps.It contains all of the necessary protection for each type of amplifiers, including dummy loads for the non-working amplifier.
This device is a  routing system with several capabilities, with its main function being switching between two amps connected to a speaker cabinet. The switching is done by a footswitch or via an external MIDI controller. The connection between the foot controller and the control unit is achieved with a standard ¼” mono guitar cable – no custom cables! Commutation is build up with high-quality relays to avoid tone alteration. There are no active components through the signal path. Both inputs and outputs are electrically isolated from each other to eliminate ground loops. The device has built-in protection, specially designed to work with tube amps. The footcontroller is equipped with two outputs to control one or two relay units.

N-audio two amps to cabinet is a flexible  switching system and here is a list of some of its capabilities:

Switching between two guitar amplifiers connected to a single cabinet - MONO set

Switching between two sets of mono amplifiers and cabinets – STEREO set


Switching between two stereo amplifiers to two – left and right mono cabinets.

Switching between two guitar cabinets connected to a single amplifier

Switching between two guitar combos


Using with a power attenuator as a master attenuator or for one amplifier only

Using N-audio two amps to cabinet
Place the control unit close to the amplifiers or even on top of them, to prevent long speaker cable runs. In order to connect the inputs of the foot controller, use standard mono guitar cables and speaker cables for the outputs of the amplifiers and the guitar cabinet. The whole system is powered by the foot controller by a standard center negative BOSS style 9VDC adapter. When the footswitch is pressed, the two channels – A and B – are switched one after the other. Together with this, you can switch channels from your MIDI controller.  

Easy MIDI programming:
    The footcontroller receives MIDI data and saves it to a given preset. Unlike many other MIDI devices, when using it, you don’t need to understand how MIDI works. Just forget about MIDI channels, MIDI notes, control changes, etc. Just press and hold the footswitch for MIDI programming.

Maximum power rating:
N-audio two amps to cabinet work with almost all guitar and bass amplifiers. Maximum power rating depends on your amplifier's maximum power and the speaker cabinet's impedance. You can switch more than a 1000W amplifier with speaker impedance of 4 Ohm. It's not recommended to use more than a 400W amplifier with 2 speakers!

  • Dimensions: Footcontroller W/D/H – 6/10/4 cm, Control unit W/D/H – 10/11/3.5 cm
  • Power supply: BOSS style 9-12VDC adapter /center negative/ 
  • Current consumption: Mono version – 200mA, Stereo version – 350mA
  • Midi controllable
  • Speaker relay rated to 16 Amps
  • Supported mono bridge (floating outputs) amplifiers like Kemper amps, Orange Micro terror or BIAS amps
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty

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