Two amps to cabinet switcher

Two amps to cabinet switcher Two amps to cabinet switcher Two amps to cabinet switcher Two amps to cabinet switcher
The N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet is a reliable switching system designed for two or three devices. The MONO set comprises a relay unit and a foot controller, while the STEREO set features two relay units and a foot controller. This amplifier cabinet switcher is compatible with all amplifier types, including tube amplifiers, solid-state amplifiers, and bridged mono (floating outputs) amplifiers. It offers robust hardware protections, including dummy loads for the non-working amplifier, ensuring that your amplifiers stay safe.

This guitar amplifier cabinet switcher is a versatile routing system with multiple functions, but its primary purpose is to switch between two amplifiers and a single speaker cabinet. The amplifiers can be easily switched using the footswitch or via MIDI during playing. The passive signal routing system is built with high-quality relays without active components, ensuring that both connected amplifiers are electrically isolated and that ground loops are entirely eliminated.

The foot controller features two outputs that allow you to control one or two relay units with ease. Whether you are a musician, a sound engineer, or a home studio owner, the N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet amplifier cabinet switcher is a reliable and flexible solution that delivers outstanding results.

Switching between two guitar amplifiers connected to a single cabinet – MONO set

Switching between two sets of mono amplifiers and cabinets – STEREO set


Switching between two stereo amplifiers to two – left and right mono cabinets.

Switching between two cabinets connected to a single amplifier

Switching between two guitar combos


Using a power attenuator as a master attenuator or for one amplifier only

To get the best performance out of your N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switcher, it's recommended to place the relay unit close to your amplifiers, or even on top of them. Use a regular mono guitar cable to connect the foot controller to the relay unit. For optimal sound quality, use high-quality guitar shielded cables to connect the amplifier inputs to the relay unit, and speaker cables for the amplifier and cabinet outputs. When you press the footswitch, channels A and B are alternately switched.

Programming the N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switcher with MIDI is easy. The foot controller receives MIDI messages and saves it to a preset. To program, simply press and hold the footswitch until the MIDI LED starts flashing, then send the desired MIDI message from your MIDI controller.

The N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switcher is compatible with any guitar or bass amplifier. The maximum power rating depends on the amplifier's maximum power and the speaker cabinet's impedance. You can use an 800W amplifier with an 8 or 16 Ohm speaker impedance, but using more than a 400W amplifier driving a 4 Ohm cabinet is not recommended.

  • Dimensions: Footcontroller W/D/H – 6/10/4 cm, Control unit W/D/H – 10/11/3.5 cm
  • Power supply: BOSS style 9-12VDC adapter /center negative/ 
  • Current consumption: Mono version – 200mA, Stereo version – 350mA
  • Quick and easy MIDI control and programming
  • 16 Amps rated speaker relays
  • Supported tube, solid-state, and bridge (floating outputs) amplifiers like Kemper amps, Orange Micro Terror, BIAS amps, and others.
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty
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